About the project

Bleeds and cropmarks are a standard requirement for printing. They are necessary if any part of the design reaches to the edge of the document. Professional typesetting and design software can add bleeds automatically during PDF generation. However, if you are preparing your designs in software such as Photoshop, MS Word, PowePoint, OpenOffice, etc., or if you want to print photographs from your digital camera, your document will not contain bleeds and cropping marks.

This service will help you with:

  • Adding bleeds and cropmarks
  • Merging up to 4 documents into one PDF file
  • Removing problems with non-standard fonts and transparencies (especially MS Word, PowerPoint files)
  • Preparing your document for required paper size, allowing you to crop images.

Making ready-to-print data from your documents for home, small business or digital printing.

What shall I be aware of?

The service is fully automatic and designed to correctly process about 90% of all common documents. If you are not sure about the options, only change the output size of your document and leave generic values in the other fields. During PDF processing, some information may be lost, e.g. direct-printed colors (e.g. gold), cropping paths or transparencies, all objects will be transformed to bitmaps (non-editable image). The resulting files are ideal for home or office printing and for digital print in the copy-centres. For other uses, please ask your printer for advice or contact us – our designers will add the bleeds for you manually and examine the document for any problems. Prices start as low as 2.49€ (2.99$) per document.

About us

AddBleeds.com are operated by Tribun EU - a digital printing company. The system was originally designed for our needs and is continuously being improved. The created PDFs can be printed by us if you wish – we deliver throughout the entire EU.


Technical queries

Correctly created bleeds with cropping marks.